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  • Info on Custom Fit Car Covers
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Information on a Custom Fit Car Cover

Why should I buy a car cover?

A car cover is an excellent investment that every car owner should consider. It is the best way to protect your vehicle from moisture, UV rays and dust. It only takes minutes to cover/uncover an automobile and it's well worth the time savings of not having to wash your car or visit the car was as often.

Are there different types of car covers?

Yes, at California Car Cover we carry a variety of materials to best suit your application. Our knowledgeable sales staff and easy to use website can direct you to the best material for your application. Just by answering a few, easy questions we will make sure that you get the better cover for your need.

I have an obscure automobile, do you make a cover for it?

Odds are we do. We have an inventory of over 80,000 patterns so if it is on the road, most of the time we can make a cover for it. If you own a one of a kind classic car or race car, then we can use a dimension sheet to collect measurements and make a cover just for you.That is a simple process as well.

If I cannot find a cover I'm looking for on your store, where can I go?

You can contact our website, to collect information or place an order. Also, our toll free number, 800-423-5525, will put you in contact with a knowledgeable sales associate.

I already own one of your car covers, but it has become dirty and dusty from use. How do I clean it?

Since we have a few different fabrics for car covers there are a few different ways that they need to be cleaned. Our bonded fabrics (Stormweave, NOAH, Dustop, Multiweave II) and our woven fabrics (Plushweave,Softweave, Customweave) can be washed in an industrial sized washer at the laundry mat on a cool setting with a mild detergent, such as Fantastik. These covers must be air dried and cannot be placed in the dryer. The intense heat will cause damage to the fabrics or cause them to shrink.

The only cover we carry that is washer and dryer safe is the Superweave. The dryer heat does not affect the fabric.

If you are interesting in simply spot cleaning the cover from bird droppings, sap, or tire grease, we recommend Simple Green to clean small areas.